About Us

Jacqui Lepp - Owner and Founder

Jacqui has many callings in life! She's a wife, a mother, a Nana, an accountant, a philanthropist, a writer, a runner, and an entrepreneur (to name a few!). After being an active part of writers groups and women's circles her inspiration drew her to bringing a dream to life. Her mentor and dear friend, Nancy Kerner, had dreamed of seeing special, intentional, prayer candles in every women's hands and hearts.  From idle dream sharing to taking action our "Love Lights" were born! Through her new passion for sharing these lights she developed Divine Dream Shop with the intention of bringing love and many intentional items to others. But the shop itself is only the beginning of the dream.  Jacqui's vision is to expand the site to include a full resource centre for Women on their own personal life journeys.  Jacqui commits her time and energy to bringing others comfort, love, and support through awareness, knowledge and information sharing - loving and learning everyday! 


Jessica Steinebach - Co-Owner

When Jessica's mom, Jacqui, came to her with the opportunity to be part of Divine Dream Shop she was anxious to jump on board! Her personal gifts with words and photography made her the perfect fit for the shop! Jessica enjoyed the creative side of things and is can deal with all the technical stuff too! She recently completed her University Degree and awaits acceptance to the teaching program so she can shape the hearts and minds of kindergarteners and grade ones in the future.  She is loving spending time co-creating with Jacqui to help enrich the aesthetics of the website and dreaming up big things for both the young and the young at heart!


 We are always looking for heart centered items to bless our product lines and website.  If you have any suggestions or products you feel would belong in our collections please contact us at  support@divinedreamshop.com!